Thinking about creating an entire social media strategy can be overwhelming - start with these simple steps to get yourself more organized, consistent, and connected on social media in 2017.

1. Your website is your most important asset. You must make it easy for customers to visit all of your social media pages directly from your website. All of your active social channels should be linked and easily visible so people can find you!

2. Be sure to get Google Analytics set up on your website. This will help you by recording who visits your website so you will know where they come from (social media? newsletter? email? event?) and all of their demographics (age, interests, location, etc.) It's an important part of listening and adjusting your content as needed!

3. Make a list of your inner circle in order to discover your network. Start with 5 people you know, trust, and could ask for help. In the next part of your circle, list the people you know who may be able to be brought into your inner circle. On the outer ring, place the people you want to know. It will become much more clear to you through this exercise who your helpers are and how you can make a more direct path to the people you want to know.

Then you can try these 5 ways to support your network partners on Facebook:

  • Search for and "Like" the businesses of the people in your network as your business page AND your personal profile. Like all the businesses that you want in your network, that are run by friends of yours, or that have similar customers - anyone in your tribe that has a big audience.
  • Mention working with/supporting that person using the "@" symbol to "tag" the business so they are notified of the "mention". Tag others as you would have them tag unto you.
  • "Share" a post from the business to your Facebook Business Page or personal profile.
  • "Comment" on a post from the business.
  • "Tag" the business in posts that may be interesting/pertinent to them or relevant to their audiences.

4. Create a calendar or spreadsheet schedule for yourself. List upcoming events, vacations, campaigns, and promotions so you can anticipate how to plan your communications over the next 6 months. What's important? How/where are you talking about those things now?

5. Collect all of the content you have and put it into organized folders and/or a spreadsheet. Find your business' photos, related articles, key marketing phrases, reviews, and videos. You will begin to see patterns in the topics you have content around, and you'll be surprised by how much "stuff" you have to talk about!

6. Clearly define and delegate communications and marketing tasks that are immediately on the horizon (or hire someone to help take care of these things for you). You can't do this alone!

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