Social Media Breakfast (#SMBME 78) – Making Time for Your Marketing and Growing Your Business

The presentation featured Jodi Flynn of Women Taking the Lead, Abbie McGilvery of From The Nest, and Topher Mallory of Mexicali Blues and Split Rock Distillery. Jodi talked about how to identify and overcome your social media stressors so you can build a strong and loyal following. Abbie discussed crafting a successful social media strategy. Topher talked about how he makes time to focus on growing his businesses.

PODCAST: "Women taking the lead" with jodi flynn

August 29, 2016: Women Taking the Lead was founded by Jodi Flynn, a professional coach passionate about helping her clients develop into confident individuals who stand out in a crowd. The goal of Women Taking the Lead is to offer inspiration through the stories of others who have overcome the odds, faced personal and professional challenges head-on, and jumped into the unknown to build their dream and expand their careers. 

During this podcast, Abbie McGilvery shares a few stories about leadership, life, and creativity after dimming her light for many years, "fitting in" to the corporate world, afraid to offend someone with her energy. Tune in to hear what the tough experiences she's faced have taught her and how she continues to rise after experiencing the pain of life's little surprises.

Podcast: Social Dig #34: Fear and Authenticity with Abbie McGilvery

August 3, 2016: Abbie McGilvery, founder of Portland, Maine-based "From the Nest" joins us as the first guest with a second appearance on the Social Dig Podcast. We have a spirited conversation about overcoming fear of posting (FOP) to utilize Social Media to build an authentic brand and voice for your organization.

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