Your time and energy are the two most valuable resources you have. For that reason, workshops with From The Nest go far beyond what you may have experienced in other business development courses. You’ll not only learn the theory and thinking behind best practices, you will actually USE them in real time, hands-on, with support, in a way that allows you to make changes right away. (Oh, and we laugh a lot, too!)

Everything we do in workshops is hands-on, practical, and down-to-earth because I know what it's like to balance working IN your business while working ON your business (eh, hem... more hours in the day, please?!)

I also know that you’ve signed up for tons of other workshops, webinars, and seminars… I have, too, and I’ve learned that the key to making the most of that investment is ALWAYS what happens after the workshop. That's why I design and present workshops that set you up with concrete, manageable action steps and the confidence, ideas, and energy you need to continue the momentum when you get back to your desk.

Here's what attendees have said about workshops with Abbie McGilvery of From The Nest:

"This workshop was really wonderful. It was interactive and incredibly relevant."

"Abbie is an incredible presenter… loved her energy."

"Fast moving, informative and fun!"

"Each one of us left your sessions inspired and ready to take action."


It’s time to get brave, DISCOVER your social media STORIES ANd BUILD your network!


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