Basic things you need to know if you consider yourself a "beginner" at using Facebook for Business.

1. Start tracking your numbers.

Create a spreadsheet. Every week (Mondays? Fridays?) write down how many likes you have.  Or, click on your "insights" and take a look around!  You can find out a lot about the people who have liked your page including what time(s) they are online, how old they are, and how they engage with you.

Advanced:  Begin tracking your LinkedIn connections, Twitter followers, Instagram followers, Pinterest followers, YouTube subscribers, Google+, newsletter subscribers, etc.

2. Pay attention to your "messages".

It is important to respond to every request that comes into your mailbox (except for spam, of course).

Advanced:  Create boilerplate language for responding to emails in order to save time (i.e. you can sign up for my newsletter here...).

3. Figure out who your audiences are.

The only way you can talk to your audience is if you know what they want to hear.  Who is buying your products? What ages, genders, and geographics are involved?  Who are your referral sources?  What else do your audiences like/do?

Advanced:  Check your insights to learn more about your audiences.  Figure out "who is missing" and whether or not you have the following you want.  Then, make a strategy to build followers from certain audiences.

4. "Like" other businesses who are in your circles.

Brainstorm a list of people, organizations, and causes that your company supports.  Log in as your business page and "like" everyone on the list.

Advanced:  Click through to see what pages other businesses have "liked". You'll find more networks this way and expand what you see in your news feed.

5. Click "home" often so you see what other people you follow are up to.

This is how you will find things to "like", "share" and comment on to engage with other companies and increase your visibility.

Advanced:  Make goals.  For example, login 3 times per day, click “home”, and comment on 3 or more posts from businesses in your circles.

6. Create “evergreen content” for yourself.

Having your important links handy in one document is a very good idea!  Go on your website and make a list of the "calls to action" you have on your site as well as the associated links.  Then you can create multiple pieces of content easily for one link.

Advanced:  Decide on your hashtags and create Twitter, LinkedIn, and newsletter content as well.

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