Your time and energy are the two most valuable resources you have. For that reason, workshops with From The Nest go far beyond what you may have experienced in other business development courses. You’ll not only learn the theory and thinking behind best practices, you will actually USE them in real time, hands-on, with support, in a way that allows you to make changes right away.

Everything we do in workshops is hands-on, practical, and down-to-earth because we know what it's like to balance working IN your business while working ON your business (eh, hem... more hours in the day, please?!)

We also know that you’ve signed up for tons of other workshops, webinars, and seminars… we have, too, and we’ve learned that the key to making the most of that investment is ALWAYS what happens after the workshop. That's why we design and present workshops that set you up with concrete, manageable action steps and the confidence, ideas, and energy you need to continue the momentum when you get back to your desk.

It’s time to get brave, DISCOVER your social media STORIES ANd BUILD your network!


Focusing Your Efforts For More Impact on LinkedIn (2.0 / Intermediate)

Thursday, June 1 from 9am - Noon at Community Television Network in Portland, Maine

For most small business owners the big question is, "what should I spend my time DOING on LinkedIn?" If you're like most people in business, you have very limited time and energy to put toward social media, so you could use a few tips and tricks to make LinkedIn an more powerful, efficient tool to support your networking efforts. In this hands-on, interactive workshop, Social Media Strategist Abbie McGilvery will provide you with some “magic tricks” and her top 5 tips for focusing your efforts to make the most impact on LinkedIn. You will walk away with a better understanding of how to navigate the platform, how to grow your network authentically, and how to make better use of your online networking time.

In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile

  • Use LinkedIn Groups strategically to demonstrate your expertise

  • Post more engaging content consistently

  • Use the new blogging feature in an effective way

You will walk away with:

  • A better understanding of how to use LinkedIn strategically to grow your network exponentially

  • 5 tips for focusing your efforts in order to make the most impact on LinkedIn

  • A list of LinkedIn groups of interest to you

  • Hands-on practice uploading photos, crafting posts, and creating LinkedIn blogs

This workshop requires that you have a basic knowledge of LinkedIn, have a LinkedIn account, know your password, and are able to login successfully on your laptop or tablet.

Customized workshops for you group or organization are available. 

simply Contact abbie of From The Nest and we'll tackle it together!