Social Media Coaching: Guidance Sessions

For the business owner who thinks, “I want to be coached by the best so I can get out of my own way, make a plan,

 and start growing on social media!”

Sometimes, all you need is a little push to get yourself out of the nest. If you're ready to get started managing your own social media channels more efficiently and effectively, one-on-one social media coaching will help you feel empowered and get you going in the right direction. A Social Media Guidance Session with Social Media Strategist Abbie McGilvery is wonderful for you if you’re not quite ready for the whole enchilada and juuuuuuuuust want to dip your toes into your social media strategy (or get all of your burning social media questions answered in one fell swoop)!

You can choose from Virtual Social Media Guidance Sessions which are completed via phone and/or Zoom Video Conferencing, or you can choose In-Person Social Media Guidance Sessions, available for an additional travel fee (depending on your location/radius of Portland, Maine).

What You Walk Away With:

  • In-depth, one-on-one guidance from an expert Social Media Strategist Abbie McGilvery so you can move forward and tackle the social media marketing conundrums that are the most important for you.

  • A template for creating your Social Media Strategy.

  • Current Climate document which includes a Basic Social Media Channel Analysis and a Basic Website Analysis.

  • All resources, notes, recommended resources, notes, and graphic recordings created during your session.

  • A new perspective on what social media means to your business and how you can simplify your marketing efforts.

  • A clear set of actionable goals and an understanding of what steps to take next toward reaching them.

Cost: $270/ 1.5 hour session*, $500/3 hour session*


*Don't want to go virtual? In-Person Social Media Guidance Sessions are available for an additional travel fee (depending on your location/radius of Portland, Maine). Go ahead and schedule your session using the links above, and we'll be in touch to coordinate!

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